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Christine Abraham

Writer Redeemed by Christ. Lifetime Bible Reader. Coffee Drinker. Mother of Girls. Meets with friends at local coffee shops to talk about faith and family.

A Woman Who Loves Jesus

I help people experience spiritual transformation through Bible Study

Womens Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study. Meet in private groups by phone, video, or social groups. New online Bible Studies, Beginner Bible Study, and Advanced Bible Cafe™ Studies.

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I founded the Womens Bible Cafe™ in 2009, the first online Bible study community. A virtual gathering to study the Bible.


After leading 100+ online Bible studies, four days a week, for 14 years, I have mentored thousands of women around the world to KNOW Jesus!


People often ask me how to start online Bible studies like the Bible Cafe™ and so every few years, I run a Leadership Coaching Program to help them get started. 


After writing curriculum for 100 Bible studies, I am now writing and publishing books to disciple people into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Womens Bible Cafe™

Our Online Bible Study Has Been Seen in the Following Nationally Recognized Publications

Top 50 Blog for Christian Women, Top 50 Bible Study Site, Bible Gateway, Christian Post, Life: Beautiful Magazine, Focus on the Family Book, and “Enough” Movie on Amazon



Bible Cafe™ Founder & Director, Author, Leadership Coach

CHRISTINE ABRAHAM is the Bible Cafe™ Founder and helps people understand the Bible, fellowship in small groups, and develop a lasting relationship with Jesus. She earned a Graduate of Theology degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. Christine has facilitated more than 100 Bible Cafe™ studies. She is a popular Christian Life & Leadership Coach. She lives in California with her husband and two rescue dogs.


Bible Study Courses For Women

LETTER OF INTRODUCTION: I am writing to God’s church, to the women who call themselves Christians in a modern world: singles, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, widows, engaged, divorced, separated. To the women who work outside the home, the women who are caring for family members inside the home, the women who are deployed and protecting their countries, our military wives, the women who are in college, and the women disabled or battling illness.

Are you walking in your identity as a woman beloved, treasured, valued, and forgiven by the blood of Christ? Do you wake up each morning and praise the air you breathe, knowing it was created by God Himself? When you sleep at night are you tucked under a blanket of confidence, security, hope and peace? These promises belong to every Daughter of the King!

If you asked me this same question before my transformation I’d be hiding under a sackcloth of shame, afraid to look another Christian eye to eye and be judged for my mistakes. My sin identified me as a woman who abandoned unconditional love. I was walking in the valley of the lost- a prodigal who had forgotten her Father’s love. I was miserable inside, polished and pretty on the outside with the emptiness of a lost child.

When I realized my identity was a lost prodigal away from the love that created me, I had an urgent desire to know Jesus. I realized I wore labels not designed by God: shame, unworthy, hopeless, unforgiven, unattractive, unloved. As I questioned “who told me that” the door started opening and I revived the faith inside my heart.


What people are saying about Bible Cafe™Coach Christine Abraham

Thoughts from authors, leaders, and leadership coaching clients

“Christine Abraham knows her audience well and has focused on meeting their deepest spiritual needs, season after season. Her wisdom, discernment, and careful selection of books and studies for the women she serves are a testimony to how much she cares about sharing messages that matter. I can’t wait to see what she will bring to the pages of her first book!” Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

Liz Curtis Higgs

“Christine has a servant’s heart that is grounded in the word of God. She is passionate to reach the world with the word and seeks to nurture the hearts of all. Not only does Christine love God’s word, she is also incredibly gifted and equipping others in their study of the word and how to reach others effectively. I cannot wait to see how God speaks through Christine in her first book!” Denise Pass, Author of Make Up Your Mind and Shame Off You

Denise Pass

“Christine Abraham is the best resource you can have in your corner to help grow and expand your online reach. Her experience with engaging audiences on social media and building a recognizable brand helped me fine tune my online presence. Looking forward to the launch of my first online Bible study, thanks to Christine’s coaching. DR. SAUNDRA DALTON-SMITH- CHRISTIAN SPEAKER, MEDICAL DOCTOR, TED TALK AUTHOR OF “SACRED REST,” “COME EMPTY” AND “I CHOOSE MY BEST LIFE” AT ICHOOSEMYBESTLIFE.COM

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

“I cannot begin to express how encouraged and blessed I was by participating in Christine Abraham’s “How to Start an Online Bible Study or Book Club in 30 Days.” The lessons were highly informative and I learned something new, profound, and easily accessed each time I “came to class.” Christine’s gifting to facilitate potential leaders from all walks of life and online experience created lively, thoughtful, and insightful discussions. Christine has thoroughly tested her methods and is always on the cutting edge of what technology has to offer. Nevertheless, Christine’s passion for the Lord Jesus and seeing the gospel preached and disciples led into deeper devotion to the Lord is what touched my life and heart the most. In the two months since finishing her course, the reach my Facebook Devotional has increased seven-fold and I will begin a new on-line study of God’s Word in the coming month with four leaders and five to six offerings. Something I would not have dreamed possible.” SUE BOLDT- CHRISTIAN SPEAKER, BIBLE STUDY TEACHER, DEVOTIONAL AUTHOR, CROSSPOINTE MINISTRIES AT SUEBOLDT.COM

Sue Boldt

“Christine Abraham’s Mentoring Course was tremendous! As a long-time church staffer transitioning to a speaking and writing ministry, I deeply appreciated Christine’s heart for sharing what she’s learned. Each lesson was packed with step-by-step instruction and detail. I followed each of Christine’s lessons in order and constructed my own online bible study during her course. By week three of her course, I launched my registration. Over 100 women are already registered for my online course!   I give this coaching course five stars! BARB ROOSE- CHRISTIAN SPEAKER, PODCASTER, LIFE COACH. AUTHOR OF “SURRENDERED,” “ENOUGH ALREADY: WINNING YOUR UGLY STRUGGLE WITH BEAUTY” AND “BEAUTIFUL ALREADY: RECLAIMING GOD’S PERSPECTIVE ON BEAUTY” AT BARBROOSE.COM

Barb Roose

“Christine Abraham is a mover and shaker in the body of Christ! For years, she has facilitated the growth of the Church through the books of other authors. It’s time for the world to hear what God is saying through her. Beyond time! With her finger on the pulse of how God is moving, Christine is a megaphone in the hands of God to boldly speak forth His message for this hour. In addition to having the pen of a ready writer, Christine is also masterfully skilled in marketing – a winning combination for an author. Her books will exude wisdom, excellence, and passion – and sell like hot cakes!” Dr. Jamie Morgan, author of “A Journey to Ministry” reaches 192 nations with her podcast.

Dr. Jamie Morgan

“Christine Abraham leads tens of thousands of women through Bible studies every year. Her passion for helping people experience the transformative power of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit are off the charts. She’s a gift to us all.” Margaret Feinberg,  BESTSELLING author of “More Power to You: Break Free From Fear and Take Your Life Back”

Margaret Feinberg

Womens Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study. Meet in private groups by phone, video, or social groups. New online Bible Studies, Beginner Bible Study, and Advanced Bible Cafe™ Studies.

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