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For 30 days consecutive days challenge yourself to spend time with God. Imagine you’re sitting together for ONE HOUR and having daily conversations. No electronics, no interruptions, no study books. Just you and God.

Set the same time each day. Be creative…one hour a day or..30 minutes twice a day or..15 minutes four times a day.

Use a habit tracker method to motivate yourself. Be creative…30 blank index cards and fill out one each day, or ..30 coins- put one in a jar each day or ..30 post-it notes- put one on your mirror each day or ..30 day devotional book

Focus on a theme for 30 days, or a specific Bible passage each day. Be creative. ..taming the tongue or ..turnaround your negative thoughts or ..stand on Gods promises or ..break a stronghold or ..ask for His will and then direction or ..confess or ..take communion or ..ask how to use your spiritual gifts.

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Encourage one another… be an eyewitness.

It’s not my plan to update friends on every aspect of my devotional time with God. I’ll share a few discoveries like the one I encountered today.

Day 2- Opening my Bible I felt God would have a plan for us today. My Bible pages opened to Ecclesiastes- right at the beginning! As I started reading I saw words I needed to hear in verse 2: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”

There you go! Believed to be the words of Solomon, the opening message of this book is about the worthlessness of  material things and wasted time.

Not willing to miss this important passage, I set the 15 minute timer on my phone so I would mediate as it deserves. The timer went off, I reset for 15 more minutes. Surprisingly, 15 more was an added bonus. And then… after another 15 minutes I reached my desired time.

This was truly the best thing that happened all day. Since I experienced this in the  early morning, I had time to reflect on the devotional time throughout my day. By evening I was pushing aside my scheduled work and desiring MORE than an hour with God.