“The Scriptures are your source of Authority.” -Henry Blackaby

In this modern world, my authority figures have evolved. In the beginning is the authority of my teenage parents. Together they nurture and love me into adulthood. Soon my parents pick up careers and become providers of family needs. The authority of babysitters and daycare step into the role.

Next come schoolteachers, swim coaches, and Girl Scout Leaders as they step into authority over me.

Managers begin to boss me, college professors begin to mold me, and I become very lost. Like a sheep.

By adulthood I have surrendered to the authority of this world. Adopting a worldview, my vision is clouded.

Are you there God? It’s me.

And He comes to find His lost sheep.

Soon I will meet the Son of Man who has the authority on earth to forgive my sins. (Matthew 9:6 NIV)

I am His and He is mine.