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37 Unforgettable Billy Graham Quotes

Billy Graham was an American evangelist and author. As the voice of the evangelical crusades, Graham made a name for himself church history. Here is a look at some of the most notable Billy Graham quotes to remember.

When you share a quote please attribute to Billy Graham as the source. Quotes are gathered from Twitter posts, Facebook posts, videos, internet searches and published works.This page is updated with new content, so suggest a quote in the comments area and contribute to this research.

“Conversion is the work of an instant; spiritual maturity is the work of a lifetime.”

“Every human being is under construction from conception to death. Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent. At the end of construction—death—we have completed the process.”

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it! I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

“I never thought I would live to be this old. All my life I was taught how to die as a Christian, but no one ever taught me how I ought to live in the years before I die. I wish they had because I am an old man now, and believe me, it’s not easy.”

“Old age is Satan’s last chance to blow us off course.”

“Anxiety and fear are like baby tigers; the more you feed them the stronger they grow.”

“A baseball may be driven into the farthest corner of the largest stadium, but the Word of God travels to the farthest corners of the earth, proclaiming the Good News of salvation.”

“The days when the aged were admired, looked up to, and respected are gone.”

“I can’t truthfully say that I have liked growing older.”

“The Bible doesn’t hide the negative side of getting older—nor should we.”

“Scripture is filled with examples of men and women whom God used late in life, often with great impact.”

“Today there are more people who know the words to a television commercial than the words in the Bible.”

“The mirror doesn’t lie, but I can smile into it because my dim eyesight camouflages my wrinkles.”

“The older generation may have a hard time keeping up with the younger, but let’s remember that as long as we are still breathing, we are leading the way. The generations that follow are learning about growing old from us.”

“There is much the young can learn from those who have traveled the distance.”

“Life is full of changes, but one of the greatest comes with retirement. Many look forward to it; others dread it. Sooner or later almost everyone who lives long enough will experience it.”

“Much as I feared holding on too long, I feared just as much stepping aside too soon.”

“God forbid that we should ever retire from prayer, the sweetest work of the soul.”

“No matter who we are, retirement presents us with two choices. Either we can use it to indulge ourselves, or we can use it to make an impact on the lives of others. In other words, the choice we face is between empty self-indulgence and meaningful activity.”

“In the Bible God speaks to us; in prayer we speak to God. Both are essential.”

“Whatever you do, keep your mind and your body occupied; don’t give laziness or boredom a chance to take root in your soul. The devil delights in someone who is idle or bored; he knows this leads to temptation or discouragement.”

“We shouldn’t spend time thinking about ourselves and how weak we are. Instead we should think about God and how strong He is.”

“I have never heard the voice of the Lord audibly, but the Lord has spoken to me many times throughout my life.”

“We are never alone if we know Christ; He lives within us by His Spirit.”

“Death is always an intruder even when it is expected.”

“God wants us to finish well—and one of the ways we do this is by passing on our values and our faith to those who will follow us.”

“Our greatest impact on others often comes not from what we say but from what we do.”

“We cannot pretend to be something we are not; a Christlike character cannot be faked.”

“For those of us nearing home, our steps may indeed be slow, but they need not be without purpose. Younger generations follow us on our last mile of the way.”

“The Bible is not an option; it is a necessity if we are going to be rooted in Him.”

“In His guidebook God gives us a different set of values and goals—ones that put Christ at the center of our lives instead of self.”

“We were not meant for this world alone. We were meant for Heaven, our final home.”

“Heaven will be a place of joyous reunion with all those who have gone to Heaven before us. I am often asked if we will recognize each other in Heaven—and my answer is always a resounding yes.”

“Heaven is our hope, Heaven is our future, and Heaven is our home.”

“Christianity is not an insurance policy against life’s ills and troubles.”

“Death is not a trip, but a destination.”

“Death reduces all men to the same rank.”

Here is Billy Graham speaking in South Bend, May 1977



College Admissions Letter Stolen

Have you read the news this week about the college admissions cheating scandal? This story has fascinated me from a spiritual perspective and personal view. Here’s why.

Sunday night my husband and I started watching a popular Korean Drama called SKY Castle, which won awards in 2018 for highest rated television show in South Korea. I remarked to my husband “What if American parents are cheating to get their kids into prestigious colleges too?” Just two days later the College Admissions Cheating Scandal is released by the United States Department of Justice.

We talked about integrity with our family.

On Friday I receive an email revealing my daughter’s report card (4.57 GPA) and I rejoice with family and friends. She has worked incredibly hard to achieve this score. As we are celebrating getting closer to her dream of getting into an IVY league college* my phone rings with “unknown caller ID” and it goes into voicemail. I avoid the interruption until the transcription shows a police detective looking for me regarding my daughter’s “acceptance letter to Princeton College.”


Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 NIV

The police detective explains she has an “acceptance letter to Princeton” addressed to my daughter. It has my daughter’s name and home address on the envelope and detective “Christine” (I kid you not) tells me our mailbox was robbed. The detective found a stolen vehicle with our mail inside. But…

It’s not a crisis or a calamity.

None of the important mail comes to our home, only junk mail. The “acceptance letter” was actually an admissions office solicitation to apply to Princeton. We get many of these college letters each week. Perhaps the person who stole our mail will be encouraged to dream big too!

*”Getting into an IVY League college” is a phrase my daughter learned at her college prep high school. Her teachers have instilled the idea that students should always prepare for getting into an IVY League college, even if they decide not to go there. My teenager wants to be an architect and attend art college but accepted the challenge to dream BIG.

Delight in God even when your acceptance letter to Princeton is stolen from your mailbox. When you get to the college of your dreams through integrity- not cheating- you’ll be delighted in yourself too.

Update: Since Detective Christine called, we now have a guard dog watching the mailbox and barking when our mail is delivered. This audible call alerts the entire neighborhood to go grab their mail. 

Photo by Marius Christensen on Unsplash

When God Says Move Your Tents

Many of my friends are asking about the topic “move your tents” and it’s a great discussion! Let’s go back to Genesis when Abram moved his tents

The Lord said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, “Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever. I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted. Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you.” So Abram went to live near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron, where he pitched his tents. There he built an altar to the Lord. Genesis 13:14–18 (NIV).

Let’s go forward today. Several discussions are happening about the new advertising policy and pressure from a social media site to change our ministry name, or to be hidden as offensive content. In a live teleconference on January 21, 2019  I heard the CEO of this social media site say “If you post something that is generally wrong we’re not going to block that, we’re just not going to show it.”

When I started my online ministry 10 years ago it never occurred to me a gathering place for women would be considered “generally wrong” and banned. At my church we have mens groups, Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS), and womens Bible study. We also have coed groups with both men and women participating.

Today, in order to advertise our Bible studies on the social media platform our ministry needs to become genderless. So I’ve been fasting and praying and feel the Lord is saying “move your tents.” It took 10 years to build a online community centered around womens Bible study.

My page reach for Womens Bible Cafe™ dropped dramatically last year so I created a new page without a gender name. They did not shut down my page, they only showed the page to people who intentionally looked for it. #shadowbanning

Next I tried to boost a post from my new page to move my audience and learned the word “women” violates advertising standards. I made seven different appeals to merge the pages or to remove the word “women” from my large page, appeals denied. My appeals (phone calls and emails) were recorded by the social media site for their legal purposes.

Yes, the next threat will be the word “Bible” so I am building my author page more than my ministry page. My author page is in my name only, under the “public figure” category. This category seems to get a better reach than nonprofit organization category or religious organization category. I post with the same frequency and engage with the audience equally on my pages. This one…without a gender word or a religious word…is reaching more people.

My writing community is currently discussing book titles and how to advertise a book with gender words. One friend had her page shut down because of the offensive gender word “husband” which is also in her book title “How to Bless Your Husband.” She told me was not allowed to promote her new book on this social site. In December we lead a study for the book “Women of Christmas” by Liz Curtis Higgs and our posts for the study were hidden. #shadowbanned

Another page has the word “wife” in the page name and URL. This is what she posted: We’re so honored that hundreds of thousands of you are stepping up to invest in your MARRIAGE. So, for a limited time only we’re layering free shipping on top of all our sale prices for orders over $25. Get your marriage bundle today and draw closer to your spouse like you never thought possible. The social media site marked her as as political content and blocked her ad.

When I tried to post an ad in January 2019 to move my audience to new page this social site required me to review and accept their new genderless terms before allowing me to advertise again.

Keep in mind I do understand why this social media site has their new policy after a lawsuit from the ACLU. They are protecting their interests, seeking not to offend, and inclusive. Those are good reasons for the new policy as change is implemented. But they did not allow us to merge our existing page of 88,000 followers and will not allow us to advertise to our former page followers to let them know we’ve moved. #ouch 

My intent in posting this is article is to provide enough content so you’ll understand why our ministry name on social media is moving from Womens Bible Cafe™ and Mens Bible Cafe™ to Bible Cafe™

The heart of our ministry is unchanged.

We’re still an inclusive non denominational Christian Bible study, a parachurch (Parachurch organizations are Christian faith-based organizations that usually carry out their mission independent of church oversight. Most parachurch organizations, at least those normally called parachurch, are Protestant and Evangelical: wiki).

Living in Babylon…. and moving our tents for a #revival movement!

feature image source: Bigstock


Virtual Bible Study by Video or Phone

After 10 years of Online Bible Study #OBS we’re now gathering face-to-face as we develop Virtual Bible Study #VBS communities. This is a game-changer for online ministry because we meet in different geographic locations and time zones.

Rather than communicate in one direction as we do through Facebook groups, we now communicate multi-directional. What exactly does that mean?

In Facebook studies a leader posts a discussion question and then our group members type their comments below the question. This format is visual and runs from top to bottom in an organized method. It works but there are some drawbacks…

When someone replies to a comment, many group members miss the reply because Facebook has hidden the post. Plus, a reply comment requires the participant to go back up the timeline again. Imagine a participant using her small handheld phone (as many women do) and trying to read vertically!!

Yes, vertically… Her eyes keep scanning up and down the page to read as much as she can in the one hour group meeting. In my Monday groups we can have from 300 to 800 comments in an hour. Can you imagine trying to READ all that? 

With our new format members communicate multi-directionally! They see faces, hear tone of voice, watch tears fall and smiles breakthrough.

Yes, there’s more!

They ask questions, listen to each other share stories, and gather from numerous living rooms.

We’re a family of believers.

The inconveniences of video Bible study #VBS are small. We don’t need to dress to impress, drive an hour to local church, or hire a babysitter. Many of our participants are homeschool moms, caretakers, or grandparents with little ones in their lap.

Last week a woman joined us from her car while her husband drove her home from cancer treatments. Another woman joined us from her hospital bed and a third woman wheeled around our screen in her mobile disability chair. It was thrilling to know we were not limited by health and we could all meet together in this virtual cafe.

There’s an excitement knowing that we are “visible” and not just an anonymous face behind a screen. Without doubt, we’re connecting hearts and learning about REVIVAL. 

While I still enjoy Facebook #OBS discussions, I now enjoy #VBS discussions even more as we move our tents away from a platform that censors Christianity. 

If you’d like to join me in  #VBS Virtual Bible Study, please click the button below. We are now meeting once a week for small group discussions and once a month for mentoring group discussions. A seat is waiting for you!

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Redefine love when it hurts

Redefine love when it hurts.
Love is not an expensive gift.
Love is not an expectation met.
Love is not an Instagram photo to envy.
Love is not selfish.
Love is not controlling.

Love is patient, kind, enduring.
Love is forgiving the unforgivable.
Love is letting go of controlling behavior.
Love is seeing someone through eyes of grace.
Love is forgetting an offense.
Love is empathy and compassion.

Love is unfailing.
Love is comforting.
Love is secure.
Love is joyful.
Love is promised.

Love is.



Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.

Psalm 143:8 New Living Translation (NLT)



Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash