Hope for American Evangelicals by Matthew Bennett

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Inspect the American evangelical church through the eyes of a missionary

Hope for American Evangelicals: A Missionary Perspective on Restoring Our Broken House by Matthew Bennett is a timely message. Inspired by missionary Leslie Newbigin, this book examines the modern church through the eyes and wisdom of a missionary. It’s a unique perspective to see the modern church from this view. 

Bennett writes with clarity that is easy to understand. He effectively uses the metaphor of a home to elaborate the message. I found the book intriguing and helpful to the modern challenges happening inside churches today. The author has a good understanding of church weakness and how to address these issues based on the Leslie Newbigin method. 

I found the book relevant and interesting. It would be useful for a college textbook, missionary course, or church administration course.

Book Description

Is the American evangelical house in order? Or is it in need of a remodel? Or—even worse—should we sell the house altogether and look for another home?

In Hope for American Evangelicals​, professor, and former missionary Matthew Bennett inspects the American evangelical home. Perhaps, like him, you love evangelical doctrine, love the community in which you’ve been spiritually nurtured, and want to see it again become a thriving, hospitable environment for guests. But perhaps, also like Bennett, you think the home needs some touching up before this can be true.

In this book, with insights from Lesslie Newbigin, Bennett helps readers inspect the American evangelical house through the eyes of a missionary. As you join him on the tour, you’ll learn about:

  • American evangelicalism’s neighborhood: how we can contextualize the gospel in our communities
  • Our dining room: ethnic diversity as proof of the gospel’s truth
  • Our living room: the connection between our theology and the actual lives we live
  • Our bedroom: sexual idolatry in the church
  • Our yard: the difference between a manicured ministry and a missional ministry
  • Our address: the relationship between our heavenly citizenship and our national citizenship

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Written by Christine Abraham @BibleCafeCoach

CHRISTINE ABRAHAM is a Writer Redeemed by Christ. Lifetime Bible Reader. Coffee Drinker. Beach Walker. Mother of Girls. Bible Teacher. Revival leader. Founder at Bible Café™ Ministries. She has been a nonprofit Executive Director and womens ministry leader for almost 15 years. She earned a Graduate of Theology degree in Biblical Studies.

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