Angels in the ER: Inspiring True Stories From an Emergency Room Doctor by Dr. Robert Lesslie

After the tragic murder or Dr. Robert Lesslie’s family, I wanted to learn more about his legacy of faith. Reading Angels in the ER: Inspiring True Stories From an Emergency Room Doctor was a moving experience! Quickly I discovered, this is not a theology book. The storyline is devotional and autobiography. His writing will capture the heart of any reader.

Sharing his personal observations from the Emergency Room, Dr. Lesslie studies people and personalities. His world is examined through a scientific mind and a strong faith in God.

As an eyewitness of emergencies, Dr. Lesslie tells stories of wounded people and the people who love them.

Another observation from reading this book is one of transformation. The author shares his immaturity of skill and then pivots to a maturity in ER experiences.
Without spoiling the book, I will affirm Dr. Lesslie left behind some nuggets about drug addiction and crime. Anyone who reads crime stories will absolutely LOVE these nuggets. If you are looking for insight on his views about Heaven- you’ll find it here.

As a devotional writer, Dr. Robert Lesslie has a calming voice of authority. His emotional, physical, and spiritual strength appear over and over again in his stories. The word resilient often comes to mind.
As a reader of the book Angels in the ER, you find yourself looking over his shoulder and seeing what the doctor sees. The perspective is quite interesting from the other view of the ER bed!
I am most thankful Dr. Lesslie has left behind his living words. Once you read the book too, you will see a strong man of God and a legacy of faith!


  • “Twenty-five years in the ER have taught me a lot of things. I know without a doubt that life is fragile.” Dr. Robert Lesslie
  • “We are all undressed in the ER, all of us. Our strengths and weaknesses are openly and sometimes uncomfortably exposed. This is true for patients and physicians alike.” Dr. Robert Lesslie
  • “Ultimately, the ER is a place where the faith of each one of us will be tested. Our beliefs will be tempered and refined, or exposed and discarded as worthless. Here we can learn who we are and on what ground we stand. And sometimes, it is a place where our faith can be found.” Dr. Robert Lesslie
  • “Every emergency department has had its share of VIP patients. We’ve had movie actors, professional football players, politicians, and professional wrestlers. Even famous biblical characters—I once took care of a man who claimed to be John the Baptist. They all get treated the same and are shown no favoritism, nor do they receive any special perks.” Dr. Robert Lesslie


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